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The Jewelry Gallery specializes in custom jewelry. With over 5 thousand loose Diamond & Gem stones in stock. Bring your loose stone in and let us give you a quote on a mounting. We can work with your idea or help give you ideas of what to do. Have a piece of sentimental jewelry left to you by a loved one that isn’t your style? Bring it in let us make it something that you want to wear.  In house casting operations.

About Our Leather


  1. Get an idea of what you want.

  2. Bring in any pieces that you'd like included. You can bring in any gold, silver, or gemstones that can be used to recreate a piece of jewelry.

  3. Speak with our staff about all of your options.

  4. Design exactly what you want.

  5. Give us a little while to do the custom work.

  6. Pick up your custom item and cherish it forever.

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